The 2009 GMSR approaches

There are some annual signs of autumn's approach in Central Vermont: days start getting shorter, fog in the mornings, touches of color on trees, and preparations for the Green Mountain Stage Race, held over Labor Day weekend, start building up.

It looks like the bad economy hasn't had too much of an impact on preregistration numbers (though attendance is down from it's peak) and it is very positive that the Criterium in downtown Burlington picked up a new race sponsor in the form of local tech company Dealer.com.

I have hundreds of megabytes of images from previous editions of this race and I don't really have much of a digital workflow image system (files just get tossed in folders by date without tags) so it's hard to sort through things and find the better images, but here are a few from the finish at the the top of Appalachian Gap last year.

Women's cycling phenom Evelyn Stevens -- described as "America’s Next Great Female Cyclist" by the Wall Street Journal, raced in the women's beginner category and crushed the field. This year she has been racing with much success at the elite level, it would be great if she returned to the GSMR this year, but this seems pretty unlikely.

KOM leader from the Juniors (I think).

Pro men's road race winner. Teams come and go, and this outfit (kind of a dodgy setup) is no more.

The race leader suffers on the steep grade. It's been a wet cool summer in Vermont, here's hoping that the race weekend will be warm and sunny.

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