Comedy at On the Rise bakery, 08/29/09

Some quick images from a "Fiestavus Comedy Tour" performance at On the Rise Bakery in Richmond, a fun event to go to on a cool rainy night. Vermont might be a crummy place to make a living, but there's always something going on, a quick glance at the calendar section of the paper will point out something to go to at some local venue: There's another comedy festival coming to Waterbury over Labor Day, for example.

Nathan Hartswick, organizer of the event

Martha Tormey

John Lyons

Tracie Spencer

Camera geekery: Manual focus lens set at f/2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/13 sec (so pardon any motion blur) and ISO 1600 and no flash. Same camera setup as for these images from a Boxcutter Cabaret performance at this venue in 2008.

I downloaded the G'MIC plugin package for Gimp which I used for noise reduction, and I'm quite impressed with this software so far, it does noise reduction and lots more.

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