A new beginning

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail
Yes I would, if I only could
I surely would -- Paul Simon, El Condor Pasa

July 2009 unemployment figures will be announced tomorrow, there should be another almost 400k jobs gone, 2009 has been a pretty dismal year. Even if mid-2009 is the bottom of the recession, climbing out of this deep hole will be long, slow, halting and painful, as it seems to be commonly accepted, that the current 'Great Recession' is the most severe and significant economic event of the post-war era.

In this environment, which has made it difficult to see the proverbial glass as half (or even one quarter) full, I managed to go out and find a new position. There's a long commute and a probable relocation in my future and a little bit of the down the up escalator effect (grim story about downward mobility here, I shouldn't complain) but there are some very real upsides to the new opportunity. Most of the last twelve months have been very slow for me, professionally, and I need to slough off the torpor and inactivity, stop dwelling on the negative -- though I'm still far from optimistic about the economic future -- and start moving forward again.

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