North Carolina dragonflies

Some images from a very quick trip to Wilmington, North Carolina this past week. These were taken around a murky drainage pond in a subdivision where some condominium units have lost c. 30% of their value in the past two years: a distinctly end of nature, end of the boom (although new houses, surprisingly, keep getting built) environment.

Go Tar Heels: A dragonfly in Carolina blue.

Clouds of various species of dragonflies were buzzing around the holding pond, hunting smaller insects.

I never managed to get a photo of the largest species at the pond, because they never paused to rest like their smaller brethren.

Green on green.

Where these images were taken: Leland, North Carolina. A few years ago this would have been an impenetrable overgrown thicket but now the landscape has been quite dramatically reshaped.

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