Nothing new under the sun, continued

Things seem to go in circles, or to play out like a small scale version of the movie Groundhog Day:

This was one of the first images I took shortly after I moved to Waterbury from Burlington in August 2006. I purchased a new camera as a small reward for myself for coping with the aggravation of moving.

I took this today using a different camera but the location is the same brier patch on an sunny hillside bordering the condo complex. I think I prefer the older image, so much for the DSLR (granted the photo was taken with a very inexpensive telephoto lens with a faux-macro capability).

A couple of other images from today, it was a clear, sunny but surprisingly cool day that whispered of the imminent changing of the seasons -- it actually felt like September:

Honeybee (a very threatened species) on goldenrod.

A monarch: From the way it was sunning itself, I think that it may have emerged from a chrysalis today -- it looked new to the world.

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Peter said...

I also think the optics on the Canon are superior to the lense you are now using.