2009 GMSR Stage 2 images: P1, Cat 2, M40s, Juniors

Some images with very little commentary of the afternoon races of stage two of the Green Mountain Stage Race, held on a 23 mile rolling loop in Mad River Valley. The weather was great and the fields were large and frisky which unfortunately meant that there were plenty of crashes. There's nothing like the sight of broken bikes and riders sporting ripped lycra and large amounts of fresh road rash to make me glad that I don't have a racing license any more.

Roger Aspholm gets the win in the Master 40s race.

An Armed Forces Cycling Team rider tried an early break in the Pro-1 race.

The field followed shortly after, not too concerned by a lone rider.

About 60 miles later there was a hectic field sprint won by a BikeReg-Cannondale rider.

The sprint was too fast and hectic for a big victory salute.

In the Category 2 race, an early break tried to establish a gap.

A UVM rider in the field.

A reconstituted break in the Category 2 race climbs Rt 100.

A solo rider took the win and was too spent to raise his arms in victory.

Masters 40s climbing.

Less than 10 miles into their race, and the Juniors field was already blown apart by a large crash.

A truck full of broken bikes.

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