2009 Verge Series Race #1 @ Catamount, 9/26/09

Images from Saturday's first race in the 2009 Verge New England Cyclocross Series at Catamount Family Center, Williston Vermont on a spectacular early autumn day.

A group of riders turned up the hill to start another lap.

Roger Absholm, Masters National Champion, won the Masters 35 race convincingly. Between the GMSR and the GMCW, he earns quite a bit of money for himself on his trips to Vermont.

Stephan Marcoux with his pain face on in the Masters 35s.

The 3s race had over 100 entrants, a record for a cyclocross race at this venue. Consequently it was very hectic at the start.

Dry conditions allowed the riders to ride the run up in the woods.

But eventually #130 riding for cyclocrossworld.com broke away and won solo (sorry, didn't get a name).

Natasha Elliot and Mo Bruno-Roy corner hard on the first lap of the Women's race.

Elliot soon broke away and rode solo for most the race, winning alone.

Dan "Grizzly Adams" Timmerman lurked near the head of the field at the start of the Pro/Elite race.

Just like last year, Timmerman rode alone for most of the race. But with Jamie Driscoll not present, no one was able to track him down.

Two determined chasers could not close the gap.

Former Euro-pro Justin Spinelli had his pain face on.

32 additional images posted here (photobucket).

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