GMSR Stage 3: Nothing but blue skies

The word of the day: "cerulean"...

Some images from today's stage finish atop Appalachian Gap. The weather was truly spectacular, cool, cloudless and only a light breeze. I have been in this location when standing around has been pretty cold and unpleasant so the sunshine and pleasant temperatures are most appreciated.

A bird's eye view of the finish area as the race wound down.

Andres Diaz won the Pro-1 race alone.

Local rider Jamie Driscoll finished just behind Diaz, but showed the strain of sprinting on an 18% grade.

The GMSR is an international event, the race has always attracted a large Canadian (Quebec) contingent and I've heard Spanish spoken at the finish as well. The year a Swedish team flew over to participate and one of their riders, Johan Lindgren (in red) sits in sixth overall going into the final stage.

Jake Hollenbach acknowledged the cheers as he rode to the finish, perhaps thinking of tomorrow's criterium, which he won in 2008.

Steven Black won the Category 2 race (he also won the circuit race yesterday). He is only a junior and doesn't look like he needs to shave yet... which is impressive.

Local rider Matt Mainer tried to hold on to the overall lead in the Category 2 race.

Deja vu all over again. Roger Absholm is dominating the Masters 40 race, holding the overall, mountain and sprint jerseys going into today's stage...which he also won.

Just like in the pros: the winner of the Juniors race nonchalantly zipped up his jersey 100 meters from the finish.

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