Last batch of 2009 GMSR photos posted

I spent a little time quickly sorting through my images from the 2009 GMSR. The photographer from the Burlington Free Press put up a gallery of images from the criterium that were very good and which demonstrate the difference between 'amateur' and 'professional'.

Cycling information is the most searched-for material on this site, however, and most of the events I 'cover' (the GMSR, local cyclocross events, etc.) receive scant coverage in the media so I guess I can describe myself as a marginally successful citizen cycling photojournalist.

The first moments of the Pro-1 criterium on Church Street: 14 images from this stage are posted here (Photobucket album).

Stage 3: Marshall Ambros with his pain face on in the Category 3 race. He bounced back to win the Criterium the next day: 18 images from GMSR Stage 3 posted here.

The Pro-1 racers contest a points sprint in the GMSR Stage 2 circuit race. The circuit race was the stage where I had the most time to just hang out with my camera and I live very to the course... so I took the greatest number of photos: 34 images are posted here.

As a final note, I have it on very good authority that the miscreant responsible for this situation described in the stage 3 communique was none other than a certain ex-pro racer from New England, currently suspended for a doping infraction:
"Team CCB is fined $150USD for having its support vehicle in the race caravan from Forest Dale the finish (4H3) and disregarding the Chief Referee’s specific prerace instruction not to do so."
And I thought that once riders were suspended that they were not supposed to be involved in racing in any way.

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