Why it's hard to post much here anymore

112 miles from JG on Vimeo.

So I have a new job. I'm grateful for this situation, these are hard times as the Big Deleveraging keeps rolling along... Three years ago I lived in Burlington, changed jobs, and so moved to Waterbury to be closer to the new job, which has now ended. So now I make the trip every day in reverse.

It's really not that bad, 28 miles one way, and probably 27 of the distance is on wide open Vermont interstate. But commuting is a tremendous waste of time and I can feel my muscles atrophying from sitting down all day staring into a screen, and as the seasons change and the days get shorter, it's dark in the morning when I leave and dark in the evening when I get home. Compounding the situation is the fact that I can see where I used to live in Burlington from my office, when I'm bored I can daydream about living on shabby, postindustrial Riverside Avenue again.

The whole present situation is kind of dispiriting and I find the idea of coming home, sitting down and trying to come up with something to post here to be burdensome... so posting will be quite irregular going forward. Maybe I'll try podcasting from my car, I certainly have the time.

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