Professional communications

I had a job. And, even as the United States, which looks more like a bankrupt banana republic with each passing day, remains mired in a tepid and largely jobless recovery, I quit. Actually, what I did was to return to my old job, a rather risky proposition, given the state of things.

Why did I quit (resign)? Without retelling the whole sorry story , it came down to differences in communications style and expectations. Which is a very sanitized way of saying, that I was subjected to a barrage of criticism about my ability to express myself with the written word. Some of the criticism had some validity, some less so... it was not a pleasant situation.

But it don't intend to write about this here -- though I could easily point out some examples of incoherent writing published online by my former employer.

Instead, I would point out (celebrate?) the fact that I did work on a website for a local small business this past summer, and my client was very happy with the outcome.

The client's old website was old-fashioned, unattractive and invisible to search engines - inexplicably, the whole site consisted of image files, not text.

Acting as project manager, I selected a vendor for coding and site design work, and was very pleased with how the relationship played out. The new website is much more modern, easier to navigate and search engine friendly. Joomla is used as the CMS, so making edits and additions is relatively straightforward.

I also wrote some copy and worked closely with the business owner to ensure that the site conveys an effective, consistent marketing message.

Finally, some of the photography used on the new site is my work, and I also recycled and reprocessed some images from the old site.

After my recent abortive and unhappy job experience, I admit, it's somewhat gratifying to be able to point to a project like this, and to know that my client was happy, and I was paid for my work -- pretty much the definition of 'professional' -- unlike amateur efforts like this mostly unread blog.

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