Why it's hard to post much here anymore, continued

And oftentimes excusing of a fault
doth make the fault the worse by th'excuse
. Shakespeare*

Another excuse: Once I manage to get to work, it's my job to string words together. Now, there are some topics I will not blog about (first and foremost being work and personal relationships) but suffice it to say that I would describe my main task at my job as "writing compelling copy about [insert appropriate adjective here] subjects."

Blank screens are how I usually start my day (thanks to blogging, I'm quite attuned to writing in the morning) but stringing words together is proving to be a struggle, regardless of the time of day.

So the last thing I want to deal with when I get home is another blank screen, waiting to be filled with more words.

*Quoting Shakespeare is deliberate. Work is a struggle partly because too much time online has rewired my brain in new and flighty ways. It's rare for me to sit down and read in depth anymore. So I think spending less time online and more time reading would be a good thing.

And, perhaps the quote itself, found online with a quick Google search is more symptomatic rather than illustrative.

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