A happy post-Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving leaf: Image manipulated in Gimp. Instead of shopping, I spent the morning reinstalling software on a newly restored (new hard drive) PC.

Seen on twitter today: Last year at this time the micro-blogging service was documenting in real-time the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

Keeping with a long-standing personal tradition, I was not one of the multitudes that turned out at a mall for the annual festival of retailing: I have little money, and even less inclination, for such experiences.

I tend towards a 'glass half empty' worldview which can be limiting and self-indulgent but... perhaps this is due to the fact my personal history of this "double zero" decade consists of private travails -- mostly involving a constant struggle to find meaningful work -- played out against a larger canvas of mass murder, war, economic collapse, natural disasters, and patterns of deceit, malfeasance, and incompetence.

In this climate it's sometimes hard to feel thankful but I do try and remember that I've made it this far without too many bad things happening despite all the sturm und drang of the wider world. Things could be better, but they could also be a lot worse, and just maybe, with some skill and some luck, things will be alright.

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