"Just a song and dance man": 5th Bob Dylan Wannabe Contest, Montpelier

(I'm not sure where this performer came up with the idea for the white face paint.)

A few images from the 5th Annual (? - there have been years where this event has not been held) Bob Dylan Wannabe Contest in Montpelier, 11/28/2009. I have put up a gallery of all the performers here -- the images are nothing special, and long, fast camera lenses are not in my budget at this point in time.

The quality of the performances was all over the map, ranging from singing in the shower types on up.

Peter Landecker drove down from Quebec and won with a cover of.... I forget. Twenty-eight acoustic Dylan songs in a row, I wasn't taking notes, things ran together in my head afterwards. I do remember, however, that it was an excellent performance. Mr. Landecker demonstrated his impressive (obsessive?) knowledge of Dylan trivia at the end of the evening by recreating parts of Dylan's 1965 press conference (video here) from memory.

After the conclusion of the show each performer introduced themselves to the audience while the judges compiled the results. Many mentioned how important Dylan was to them artistically and even spiritually -- one told of becoming a believer during Dylan's Christian period -- and unlike Mr. Zimmerman -- not losing faith.

The event demonstrated the depth of the Dylan catalog -- more than 50 albums -- and while some well known songs were covered, many selections were unexpected and decidedly out of the mainstream.

Finally, the organizers announced that planning for next year's event has already begun.

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