November is still time to ride

Old faithful: My Redline silhouetted against the gray November sky. This bike has seen much abuse, and little in the way of maintenance, but its simplicity is a great virtue, it's definitely a bike that can be ridden clean or dirty, there's not a lot to break, or even wear out - though new brake pads may be in order for next season.

It could be argued that the weather in November has been nicer than the weather in July and so on a few occasions I managed to ride before work or during the work day itself. The Stowe Town Loops may not be deep in the wilderness but the trail network there is perfect for shorter morning or lunchtime rides in the fall and the area is off limits to hunters.

Saturday I went for a group ride with the Stowe Mountain Bike club which was entertaining and also somewhat harrowing because the combination my poor mtb skills and an unforgiving rigid bike meant that keeping up on descents was something of a challenge on the damp and slippery trails. We rode up the new trail up to Trapps that I worked on (with many others) this past summer: Everyone agreed that the new trail -- a highly engineered work cut into the side of the steep hill -- offers a near perfect riding experience.

After the ride there was a short meeting that detailed the ambitious plans for trail expansion in the Stowe-Waterbury area, involving almost $500K of planned work.

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