2010: Random Photo Content (RPC) #1: Vermont State Capitol

The Vermont State Capitol at night, from 2006. In 'honor' -- not really the word I'm looking for -- of the legislature being back in session (more images here).

Creating content is hard, especially good content, and doubly so when trying to be somewhat reticent about oneself in this golden age of online oversharing. So I've decided to post one completely random photo here each week from the gigabytes of images on my hard drives. It's an easy and relatively straightforward to keep the blog going in some form or fashion while I find the time and energy to come up with longer and more thoughtful posts.

I know that tagging these posts as 'photography' isn't really appropriate but oh well, I'm somewhat trapped by my old labeling scheme, and it would be difficult to re-tag things at this point in time.

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