Forget TV, all I need is broadband

As not seen on TV: Zdenek Stybar wins a Belgian cyclocross race.

Somehow along the way, my household wound up with extra cable channels -- an apparent oversight by the cable company, because the added services are not showing up on my bill. But I find that even in the long, dark Vermont winter I hardly bother watching.

All I've learned so far from this new found plethora of viewing options is that Iron Chef America features seafood as the 'secret ingredient' way too much (who in their right mind wants to eat a meal consisting entirely of variations on mackerel) and that Man vs. Wild is really just a version of Jackass set in the great outdoors.* But, as usual, I digress.

But if the cable wasteland is mostly unappealing, more and more events are escaping the confines of mainstream network coverage and are being streamed online. Last year live coverage of cyclocross started becoming available, and in the current season, abetted by some technically adept fans in Europe, more events have been streamed online. World Cups, local races in Belgium, and now the World Championships from the Czech Republic are all available online.

As found on Twitter: hashtag #Tabor

In this brave new world of online viewing options, Twitter hashtags point to the sites hosting online video streams. Consequently, in this decidedly middling year for snow, I've been in front of the computer on many Sunday mornings, cup of coffee in hand, vicariously learning Flemish and watching racers struggling in the cold and wet.

And, in the nothing new under the sun department, I've written on this subject previously.

*A recent episode of Man vs. Wild set in Montana included the host exploring an abandoned mine shaft, climbing a railroad trestle, and then hopping on a moving train, among other illegal and/or foolish things.

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