Nothing was really popular: 10 less-ignored blog topics of 2009

Google Analytics: "top" (a relative term) posts of 2009.

Late in 2009 I became aware that a fashion blog produced by a thirteen year old girl was hugely popular and very influential... which just confirmed my suspicion that this document is, by any possible metric, an abject failure.

This is further demonstrated by looking back at the traffic reports for the past year. The 'less-ignored' posts, with few exceptions, are older posts from prior years. My witty, semi-learned and sometimes very prescient observations on economic crisis were largely ignored by the larger world, for example.

Google Analytics: Peering into the global unconscious via search keywords

Instead, here's what was searched for and found on this blog in 2009:
*Cyclist Tyler Hamilton announced his retirement in 2009 after facing a second suspension for doping violations. For whatever reason, this sparked a flurry of searches for his ex-wife's name.

**For some reason that I cannot fathom, "Fidelity" is a rising search term on this blog: Why is there increased interest in the Bush boat?

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