Ricker Basin in winter: Stark grey January

Ricker Basin, from Waterbury Reservoir (best viewed large).

While Burlington Vermont is enjoying record snow cover (there's almost four feet of snow on the ground), where I live, about 25 miles away and in the mountains, it's pretty much just cold and dry. The mountains need more accumulating snow before it will be safe for backcountry skiing.

Looking south towards Camels Hump.

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All Mountain Access said...

I am glad your Vermont is getting all the snow.......all of us here on the front range of Colorado are skiing over rocks and stumps. It looks like the backcountry in Vermont is ahead of Colorado. We'd love to hear about some of your backcountry adventures. Hope all is well.

If you get a chance check us out at www.myallmountainaccess.com and search for us on Facebook, "All Mountain Access."