2010: Random Photo Content #5: The 2007 Valentine's Day blizzard

A follow-up to the previous post, there have been no scenes like this here in this winter season. Around New Years there was probably a little more than a foot of snow on the ground... but the snowpack has been diminishing little by little ever since.

The 2007 blizzard was a major storm that dumped more than two feet of snow, accompanied by high winds and bitter cold temperatures. This was in the morning as things as the snow started to fall heavily.

By 9 pm, the front yard was completely drifted in as temperatures hovered around zero.

For my part, if I don't have to travel, I don't mind big storms with lots of snow. I would rather have good snow cover to ski on than live through a succession of dry, cold cheerless winter days. Perhaps next year...

More photos of 2007 blizzard here.

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