2010: A Vermont winter with little snow

It's been a wild winter -- but only hundreds of miles south of where I live in Central Vermont. All the blizzards that have snarled travel and buried the mid-Atlantic states have slid by with nary a flury in the Vermont mountains.

It's mid-February and the sun is higher in the sky and bare patches are starting to appear on southern exposures. The snow cover was never very deep to begin and it won't take much for the snow to disappear.

A red-winged blackbird -- perhaps a refugee from southern blizzards, seeking the quieter, more clement weather of the far north -- forages in a bare patch of grass outside my condo.

March can be stormy so there still may be a significant snowfall in the future but it's safe to say that the 2009-2010 season will turn out to be a quite undistinguished year for snow.

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