First ride of the new year

While blizzards hit the mid-Atlantic states hundreds of miles south of here and while even Burlington (just 25 miles away) had its snowiest January ever... where I live it has been pretty much just dry and cold.

Central Vermont is in a 'snow drought' and while the weather pattern is good for ice fishermen and pond hockey players... it's not particularly good for skiing.

The Redline parked in a snowbank.

So today I shook off the computer-induced torpor and ventured forth on my battered Redline. It was quite cold (less than 20 deg F) and there was a good brisk west wind blowing but it was good to get out of the house for a while. Unfortunately I could not find my shoe covers which meant that I did a short but vivid little pain dance as my feet thawed when I returned home after a little more than an hour of tooling around on the bike.

Looking west down the valley of the Winooski River.

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