February Montreal trip, or the re-assertion of the private self

I find that I am becoming profoundly disinterested in all forms of 'social networking' and the constant barrage of personal minutiae from various online sources. It's tiresome and wearing, I have plenty to think about these days, but I am less and less interested in sharing my thoughts here or anywhere else online.

This disinterest is demonstrated by the fact that I've had these snapshots kicking around for more than three weeks and, short of sharing them on Facebook, haven't done anything with them.

In late February we made a quick trip to Montreal, it was fairly inexpensive because someone was selling a weekend package in the city (won in a radio call-in contest) at a big discount.

Looking down on Rue Sherbrooke from the hotel room. The hotel wasn't anything special but parking was available close by for $7CDN per day -- a great price -- and there was an amazing bakery just down the street for coffee and pastries in the morning.

We had tickets to a show by Quebecois-Inouk (Indian) singer Elisapie Isaac. It was entertaining and the sro crowd ate it up, however I felt like a monolingual rube as usual because she spoke solely in French throughout the show, telling funny stories -- I guess --and getting a big sound out of a very small band (two guys each playing multiple instruments).

The "Ambiosphere", an inflatable theater hosting some sort of multimedia event. Due to long lines we didn't go in.

The city was lit up for a midwinter Festival of Lights, kind of like a supersized First Night event. It was hard for out-of-towners like ourselves to make sense of the event due to its size.

Back to the USA.

A souvenir: The hotel was in the gallery district (near the Musee de beaux-arts) and so we picked this up. The image is not to scale... the painting measures 5x7 inches, about the size of a postcard. But the gallery owner was nice to chat with and treated us like important customers although we were not interested in some of his more impresive and expensive canvases (some costing in the many tens of thousands of dollars).

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