Easter then (2008) and now (2010)

In 2008, Easter came one week earlier than in 2010, and Vermont was still blanketed with deep snow even at the lower elevations. I spent a sunny, cloudless Easter Sunday on a long slog up to the top of Ricker Basin and then skied back down to Waterbury reservoir. It's funny how what once seemed an epic trip into the unknown is now almost commonplace...but I digress.

Skiing through Vermont woods, two years ago. Original trip report and more images here.

In 2010, Easter arrived a week later, but one week does not explain the radical change in the weather.

Saturday the temperatures hit 81 degrees, the day felt, not like spring, but high summer.

It was a day to air out the house and to take care of some spring chores like drying clothes outdoors and raking up last season's leaves from the yard.

The unnatural warmth may have a downside, however: should weather revert to a more normal pattern, plants (apple trees, etc.) that have been rushing to bloom may suffer if there is a hard frost -- which would not be surprising.

I personally think that the global financial crisis has drawn attention away from climate change... perhaps extreme weather events like the recent inundation of Rhode Island are becoming the 'new normal'.

I know that 'climate' and 'weather' are terms that should not be used interchangeably and that there are significant variations over time -- but also that the local media is reporting that the 2010 ice out date at Joe's Pond is the earliest ever recorded. Seems pretty likely that something is going on.

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