So it didn't rain: Gravel Grinder Ride 2010

Just a few photos from Sunday's Gravel Grinder ride in Waterbury. The event found a happy little window of reasonably clement weather in what turned out to be a cold and soggy weekend.

There were almost 150 riders at the start, I pointed out to some warmly-dressed out-of-towners that the route started by going straight up Perry Hill on the outskirts of town and that things would warm up quickly.

Gray skies -- but nothing was falling from the sky, thankfully.

The course maximized climbing possibilities on the lower slopes of the Worcester Range between Waterbury and Stowe. Pictured: Shaw Mansion Road.

On the other side of the valley, Ricker Basin was swathed in low cloud.

Stowe Hollow Road, the last climb of the day.

It was a fun event even though it proved to be a brutal exposition of my general lack of fitness and inability to get into any kind of rhythm on a mountain bike.

One guy was at the start with a helmet cam that was set to take still images at pre-set intervals (something like this) so there may be a video out there somewhere covering the whole event.

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