2010: Random Photo Content #7: Guilt and complicity on the Gulf Coast

Images from Cedar Key, Florida, March 2009 (more here).

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Looking W-NW, far over the horizon (hundred of miles away) are the deep water oil platforms like the Deepwater Horizon.

A pristine white snowy egret.

Brown Pelicans were common at Cedar Key -- but who knows what the future holds? There were news reports this week from Alaska, showing beaches that were still contaminated with spilled crude oil, 20 years after the Exxon Valdez disaster. But hopefully the two situations are not 100% analogous.

Sunrise, looking towards the Florida mainland, with a powerstation visible in the lower right.

The "guilt and complicity" comes from the fact that as soon as I publish these prosaic and commonplace images I will hop into my car and drive alone to work... plus all the power I use in the course of my modern American day, not mention all the energy used keeping my various online presences active.

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