Drugs and sex remain popular

It has happened again (it's pretty much an annual occurrence): Allegations of doping in professional cycling. What I've learned, in having this sorry little amateur site, is that I can write on a host of topics, including (to cite some recent examples):

Burlesque shows in Greenwich Village, New York.

Opera at Lincoln Center, New York.

Long lonely bushwhacks in Ricker Basin.

And these posts -- admittedly, mostly just unstructured, self-absorbed ramblings, hardly worth sharing -- are resolutely ignored by the wider world.

When scandal breaks, however, an old post from 2007 bubbles up in Google's search engine again and attracts visitors to this site.

Cyclist Floyd Landis (who spent millions of dollars defending himself from doping allegations, and wrote a book proclaiming that he had not used performance-enhancing drugs) announced this week that his improbable tale of innocence was a fabrication and also named several high profile former teammates as accomplices in doping. This news story promptly sparked a small flurry of google searches:

The post in question has become the single most viewed page on this site since it was written in 2007...

Myself, I think it's time for Lance Armstrong to retire for good and fade out of the spotlight. He (and his team) combine a penchant for Nixonian-style secrecy and stonewalling with athletic achievements of Barry-Bondsian proportions and the combination is starting to get old and wearing. It's time to move on.

(The 'sex' referred to in the title of this post is due to the fact that a post I wrote about go go girls in Thamel, Kathmandu, is also very popular. It seems that people want to plan their tawdry sex acts in advance of their trip.)

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