Spring woods 2010

This is kind of a tradition with me: A walk in the spring woods of Little River State Park before the place opens to visitors (see here and here for previous examples).

My lack of TLC for my camera gear is evident in these images but I am an amateur and also covered a lot of rugged ground in the course of this day.

A real camera bag would probably be a wise investment at some point to provide better protection for my gear as I crash through the woods instead of wrapping extra lenses in an old t-shirt and tossing them into my backpack, as is my usual style.

Quiet and still at the reservoir in the morning.

Much higher up, I found a set of moose antlers on an unnamed height of land. This area (the east side of Bolton) is like a resort for moose. The other side of side of the mountain is a resort for people, with lifts, cut trails, hotels, condos, restaurants, etc.

I got very close to a moose as I was heading out but it was dark, murky twilight and I was very footsore so I didn't bother fooling with the camera as the animal trotted away from me.

A pitcher plant growing in the rocks along a stream.

At lower elevations the wildflowers had already gone by. Higher up, however, there were violets, trilium, and trout lilies.

Trout lilies grow profusely in birch glades at over 2000 feet of elevation. It's like walking on a carpet of yellow -- but only for a week or two of the entire year.

The view from the top, SE. This hike took all day and involved some serious bushwacking through some thick cripplebush at the top, where there were still pockets of snow on shaded northern slopes.

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