Blog years: Twilight of the golden age of online oversharing

Bereft of new ideas, and hitting the content creation wall in 2010.

Every Memorial Day marks something besides the sacrifices of America's servicemen and women: It marks the start of another year of this inconsequential, unimportant and largely unread blog.

This anniversary always sparks thoughts like "this would be a good time to pull the plug" and "don't I have better things to do with my time?", but for some unfathomable reason I keep this blog going, though I have noticed a steady decline in my posting frequency.

When I launched this site in May 2006, Facebook was still a 'students only' network and twitter had not been created yet. Smartphones (Blackberries, not Iphones) were still a 1.0 technology and the 'mobile web' was in its infancy.

Now 'social media' is ubiquitous, and as contrarian technology blogger Nick Carr suggests, being surrounded by all this networking technology and bits of content without context has rewired our brains in new and flighty ways.

In this context, long-form blogging on the distinctly uncool blogger platform now seems quaint and old fashioned. On one hand, I know what shows up here is trivial, self-absorbed and unimportant. On the other hand, however, this blog is a veritable work of genius, insight and wit when compared to some of the dreck flitting by:

This blog may be trivial and self absorbed, but not this trivial and self-absorbed.

So I guess I will keep "Midnight Modern Conversation" going, I know that it is by definition inconsequential and unimportant, but I take it for what it is -- which isn't much.

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