Hummingbird sequence, June 2010

These days, the world seems to be uneasily perched on the edge of some great catastrophe, one can read speculation, that the Deepwater Horizon situation, will not be resolved, and will only escalate with time. (Basically, the leaking well won't be capped, it's too shattered, and the endless stream of oil will kill the plankton -- bottom of the food chain -- and everything else will follow, like dominoes.)

But, as usual, I digress. I am very fortunate to live in a place that is still lush and green and where the environment is still pretty clean. There's plenty of bird life around and the aptly named ruby-throated hummingbirds still appreciate the feeder hung under the walkway to our condo unit.

Through the years (and possibly succeeding generations), the male perches on this same branch in a pine tree.

The mighty hunter surveys his domain. Considering their diminutive size these birds are not that shy and can be aggressively territorial.

Even when it feels like we are collectively inducing the end of nature (if something catastrophic does happen, it will be well deserved) I'm glad that a little 4:1 boiled sugar solution keeps these small (1/8 oz weight) creatures going.

Earlier, less refined humming bird sequences can be viewed here (2009) and here (2007).

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