Greetings from Perry Hill

Just an alternate "Postcard" treatment of a photo from the Vermont Mountain Bike Fest (original here).

I am trying to become a little bit more sophisticated with digital imaging and post-processing. It's a very much trial and error process but with patience I have been able to learn a few tricks along the way.

I use Gimp as image editing software and for the most part it gets the job done and the price (free/donation) is right.

No photoshop here... My usual (very amateurish and cobbled together) digital workflow tools include:
  • Camera
  • Download image into Picassa for sorting/previewing
  • If images are in RAW format (like the action shots from the mountain bike festival), UFRaw takes care of conversion and initial image adjustment - and it functions hand in hand with Gimp
  • Gimp for more edits including sharpening, saturation, scaling, etc.
I still have a lot to learn about basically everything (from using the camera to digital post processing) ... but it's only an investment of time. I did receive some positive feedback from people who have seen the photos from the recent mountain bike festival so which was somewhat gratifying.

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