Life and death along the river

Images from a walk along the Winooski River, Waterbury, Vermont on Saturday 8/07/2010.

It is high summer in Vermont and there is already a sense that things are past peak and that autumn is coming. The transition starts slowly and almost imperceptively but speeds up as August progresses.

This image was captured while standing in dense, tangled weeds (goldenrod, honeysuckle, various vines) almost as tall as I am -- a jungle, and I was not appropriately dressed.

Hundreds of grasshoppers were underfoot.

Along the river, six deer vertebrae were neatly arranged in the sand, a stark gray monochromatic scene after the bright colors of the meadow.

There were no other bones or connective tissue present. It was a strange, antedivulian scene, a fragment of a story of death and dismemberment. More images here.

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