Wedding Photography, 2010

A week ago, I was a volunteer wedding photographer for a small wedding in Barre. It was an interesting test of my skills with my camera... perhaps there is a potential market for low-budget events like this one... or maybe it's only an opportunity for stress and aggravation for comparatively little money.

This image is nothing like reality (and the colors are deliberately 'off').

The original image. If nothing else, this exercise did expose my lack of skill at post-processing and pointed out areas where I need more learning and experience. I also used a very basic camera (Pentax K100D Super) and one 17 x 70 mm Sigma lens the entire time.

I wasn't paid for this project, which meant there was little stress. At the event, however, I discovered that there at least four other volunteer photographers roaming around with DSLRs and also that many other attendees had brought compact digital cameras. When the ceremony started it was like a firing squad, only with cameras, not guns... the click click click of shutters both mechanical (SLR mirror slap) and electronic was clearly audible.

With so many competing photographers roaming around, I made the conscious decision to be radically contrarian in my approach to this assignment: When the herd went one way, I went in exactly the opposite direction.

Maybe this technique worked, or perhaps I just wound up with lots of photos of people's backsides. (More conventional wedding photos here, from another ceremony in 2008.)

I am not particularly interested in weddings -- usually too staged, formal and contrived for my taste -- most of what I do with a camera is either in nature, or as a kind of documentary, trying to explore social and economic changes as they happen, we are living through a 'great crumbling', and I try and post photos as old assumptions are torn away.

But this is difficult and there are many others that are far better at this style of photography than I.

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