32 x 34 on a 1 x 9 29er: A new set of pie plates

A new SRAM PG-980 cassette and a new chain installed on my battered Redline Monocog.

Late this summer I could feel a roughness in my left knee while walking -- though not while riding the bike. I'm hoping (probably vainly) that adding two extra gear teeth on the low end will make climbing slightly easier, and save my aging knees.

A quick initial ride to the top of Perry Hill in the late afternoon gloom on Sunday seemed to confirm that the bike climbed a little easier and that it was possible to carry more rpms instead of painfully grinding up the steep sections... but these impressions may have been largely psychosomatic.

If my situation allows, I may build up a new bike over the winter. My Redline proved to be a great purchase (only only $900 slightly used -- less than a fancy wheelset!) and has carried me through many misadventures on local trails, but it is also -- as is to be expected -- a bike with some limitations.

The questions I need to decide, are how much suspension do I need/want, and what gearing to use? Some suspension is probably attractive, but I feel no desire to ride with a triple front crank... perhaps some version of a 2x9 drivetrain.


Still subdued

Waterbury Reservoir this afternoon, looking up into Ricker Basin. Peak foliage is still a little time away (maybe next weekend?) and it was a dark and cloudy afternoon. See here for a similar view in a much colder season.

The image is a failed attempt at HDR photo processing using Picturenaut as software (and the failure is not the program's fault). I will have to try again while putting the camera in full manual mode to try and get a wider range of exposures on the stacked images -- autobracketing didn't give me the result I was looking for.


Let no moment go unrecorded: Green Mountain Cyclocross (Sunday) images posted

As I noted, there were lots of cameras in evidence at the recent cyclocross races at Catamount. Even though I feel like this is a futile and rather pointless exercise, I posted some images from Sunday afternoon's race here:


Number 1 with a bullet: Tim Johnson racing at Catamount, 9/19/2010

I went to the second race of the Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend (Verge Series race #2) this past Sunday.

After a cloudy morning the skies cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful early autumn afternoon, though with temps of about 70 degrees, it was hot for the racers on the hilly and largely shadeless course.

Current US national cyclocross champion Tim Johnson crushed the field and rode what amounted to a long time trial for most of the duration of the 60 minute race.

Kicking up dust on an uphill turn with the Green Mountains in the background.

Riding the 'run up' -- which proved to be not much of an obstacle for the elite men.

Over the barriers near the end of the race. While this was a dominating performance by Johnson, I have to admit, it was not the most exciting race to watch.

There were more spectators carrying DSLRs at this event than at almost any other public gathering I have been at lately: I saw cameras of all shapes and sizes -- ranging from new 4/3rds systems to full-frame professional setups with long, fast lenses. I have some more images that I will post at some point...but it seems kind of pointless.


Game on: Cyclocross at Catamount this weekend

Justin Spinelli over the barriers in 2009.

The 2010 Green Mountain Cyclocross races will be held this weekend at Catamount. The weather forecast looks promising and I will probably show up for one of the days with my camera.

More race images from 2009 here.


2010: Random Photo Content #9: Vermont foliage

It won't be long now: Autumn is here, the leaves are just beginning to change. This image is from October 2009, more here.


2010 GMSR Burlington Criterium photos

For one day a year, Main Street in Burlington looks like this.

Images from the Dealer.com Burlington Criterium, held September 9, the fourth and final stage of the 2010 Green Mountain Stage Race.

Kristin McGrath waits for the start of the Women's race, she finished safely and won the overall.

Ted King, pensive on the start line of the Pro-1 race.

After finishing the critierium and protecting his overall race lead, Jeremy Powers chatted with announcer Alan Cote. In the background, crack volunteers can be seen already breaking down the course -- which was all gone and trucked away within 90 minutes of the race finish. Riders make the race, but volunteers make the race happen... thanks to all that helped out.

Image gallery posted here.


So, there was a bike race in Burlington yesterday

Category 3 men stream by the SRAM pit on Main Street.

A few images from the 2010 Dealer.com Burlington Critierium. The day went really smoothly and the racing was fast and furious, especially in the Juniors, 3s, 2s and Pro-1 events.

Masters on the start line.

SRAM mechanic takes it all in.

Race leader Jeremy Powers chats with Will Dugan under gray late afternoon skies in Burlington.

Pro men cutting it close turning onto Church Street.

Ted King diving onto Church Street.

Going fast up Main Street.

I will post more images later this week. It takes a while to sort through things and I was on vacation during most of the race, so there are things I need to attend to.