Number 1 with a bullet: Tim Johnson racing at Catamount, 9/19/2010

I went to the second race of the Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend (Verge Series race #2) this past Sunday.

After a cloudy morning the skies cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful early autumn afternoon, though with temps of about 70 degrees, it was hot for the racers on the hilly and largely shadeless course.

Current US national cyclocross champion Tim Johnson crushed the field and rode what amounted to a long time trial for most of the duration of the 60 minute race.

Kicking up dust on an uphill turn with the Green Mountains in the background.

Riding the 'run up' -- which proved to be not much of an obstacle for the elite men.

Over the barriers near the end of the race. While this was a dominating performance by Johnson, I have to admit, it was not the most exciting race to watch.

There were more spectators carrying DSLRs at this event than at almost any other public gathering I have been at lately: I saw cameras of all shapes and sizes -- ranging from new 4/3rds systems to full-frame professional setups with long, fast lenses. I have some more images that I will post at some point...but it seems kind of pointless.

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