Lance Armstrong in Waterbury

Lance Armstrong stopped in Waterbury, Vermont today. I could try and come up with something ironic, snarky or sarcastic... but I don't have the impetus. For my rather mixed take on Mr. Armstrong, see here.

This is about as close as I got: The celebrity is somewhere under that scrum of cameras.

Hundreds of cyclists heading out of town on Route 100 under brilliant blue autumn skies. It was quite dangerous with lots of erratic riding.

Later the field was pared down a bit by a couple of miles of steady climbing.

I did this on my battered Redline mountain bike, with 1 x 9 gearing, so I was not well equipped for a group ride at a brisk pace on a paved road. The story of why I don't have a functioning road bike at this time is too lengthy and discouraging to go into here.

The road less traveled: I bailed at Stevens Brook Road and enjoyed a very quiet ride back to town on Class IV Cobb Hill Road. The foliage is past peak and there is a thick layer of fallen leaves on the ground.

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