Not Lance Armstrong

So, the recent brief visit to Waterbury by cycling and cancer-fighting superstar (in some people's eyes, anyway -- my own view is a bit more nuanced) Lance Armstrong was big news in this small Vermont town.

The presence of a major celebrity drew the local media like moths to a candle. Print and television reporters turned out in force to cover the event -- would that they showed the same level of interest in events such as the Green Mountain Stage Race or the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival... but I digress.

So, the "Armstrong ride" was the lead, above the fold story in the Waterbury Record this week:

And the Record's written story is a straight-up, non-ironic description of the ride (unlike this bit of reportage from the all-ironic-all-the-time, too-cool-for-mere-plebs -- and hence, ceaselessly annoying, Seven Days).

Lance Armstrong on a Cannondale? I don't think so.

The photo the Record used to illustrate their story, however, is most emphatically not Lance Armstrong, caption non-withstanding. The photo is just some skinny guy in a mostly black kit riding a Cannondale: I could have told them that.

I know I shouldn't complain about cycling getting some relatively positive press because pieces like this ("Arrogant, naive bicyclists dangerous on roads") appear with some regularity, and the comments left by 'readers' make one wonder about the pathologies loose in society these days.

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