Geese heading south for the winter.

... roots!
the funny limbs that grow underground
that keep you from falling down
don't you think that you'll need them now?

just find a place where no one knows of
your redneck past
yeah, you can easily dispose of your redneck past
you'll show them all back home
Ben Folds, Your redneck past

It's stick season in Vermont: The leaves have fallen off the trees, leaf-peeping tourists no longer crowd the roads, and it is a generally bleak and subdued time of year. It is also a bad time to hike or mountain bike because it is hunting season which means that there are lots of heavily armed and sometimes inebriated people roaming the woods.

So we are going to Florida for a week. Not the Florida of gated communities, theme parks, manicured golf courses and broken real estate dreams, but interior Florida: a remote, flat, languid, humid place populated largely with alligators and water moccasins.

And, I suppose, there's a slight chance that this trip could lay the groundwork for relocating out of Vermont altogether - though this would be a be a long term project, and several things would have to break just right for it to happen.

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