The real skinny

Ever since I fatefully moved to Waterbury in 2006, I have spent my winters plodding around Little River State Park on a pair of waxless, metal-edged backcountry skis. This setup has carried me way off-piste and up and down the nameless ridgelines near my home (see here for more info).

This focus on the backcountry has meant that my skate skis have sat untouched for more than four years, nestled in the rafters of the garage.

This season, however, I resolved to get out the waxing iron and get out on skate skis again: I purchased a season pass at Trapps Family Lodge in Stowe. The touring center is less than 15 minutes from my office and I have visions of sneaking in some blue sky mid-week afternoons on skis. I also hope to regain some fitness and to be stronger on the bike come springtime 2011.

The trail network at Trapps is cut into the side of a hill (some would say 'mountain'): consequently, there is very little flat, and getting to this point involves lots of climbing. . .which hurt me severely.

A wintery tableaux, but the snow cover isn't too deep as of yet.

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