1st resolution of the new year: No more posts on Burlington Telecom

Tim Nulty sez (BFP article here): "It's (the bankrupt, repo'd, special-prosecutor-appointed state of Burlington Telecom) not my fault... Not even a little bit."

As 2011 begins the Burlington Telecom death spiral continues. The magnitude of the problem now is such that the various actors in this tragi-comedy can no longer hide behind glib platitudes about "cash-flow-positivity" being imminent or fatuous claims about how a municipal telecom utility would actually contribute revenue to the city's coffers.

Instead, fingers are being pointed and recriminations fly. But, I really think that I have said all I have to say on this squalid situation -- there's "nothing more to to write", to quote the original, unredacted, unexpurgated version of Huck Finn.

As a parting shot, however, I would say that the various actors in this story are incompetent, reckless hacks who are not qualified to sell cellphone accessories at a mall kiosk. . . let alone trying to build a viable telecom utility.

From the time of its original inception, Burlington Telecom has turned out to be a heady, frothy bad-tasting cocktail consisting of dangerously naive and wishful thinking, arrogance and egotism, reckless disregard for unpleasant fiscal realities, bad governance, and voter apathy.

All that's left now is to clean up the mess and one hell of a pounding hangover.

Citizens of Minnesota, beware!

Finally, a recent Vermont Tiger post sums up this mess nicely, and my previous posts on this topic can be read here (thousands of words!). Enough is enough.

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