2011 -- already looking backward

I tried to change up the look of this blog in 2010 -- and as usual, largely failed. Perhaps some more experimentation with the layout is in order in the coming year. I thought of using a collage made up images as a background but the concept proved to be too busy and distracting to be practical -- so this concept was never implemented.

In past years I have analyzed what content and posts drew the most attention in the past year, however, as nothing really stood out in 2010 -- this exercise hardly seems worth it.

I have observed two trends in the analytics reports of this site during the past year:
  1. Increased traffic from mobile devices. This is not surprising as I have met several people who use smartphones as their primary Internet access device.
  2. Traffic from image searches: This is somewhat gratifying because in some ways this blog is really a swollen, bloated, overgrown flickr stream. I still have a flickr account, but I hardly use it anymore, I prefer the freedom that comes with posting photos on the blogger platform.
I'm perpetually threatening to close down this mostly unread site but it will probably keep going in some form or fashion in the coming year: kind of like bedbugs, kudzu, or tabloid stories about Lindsay Lohan -- it won't just go away.

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