Gray April

It has been a cold April, with only a few teasing warm days.  It's been cold and gray and snow and sleet have been common occurences even as May draws near.

Thursday, April 21:  Windy with showers of sleet and handful of birdseed tossed in the wind.  I wrapped a camera in a sandwich bag to protect it from the precipitation and set it outdoors to capture the results.


Ice out, 2011

It's a small thing but the snow is now gone from our small patch of front yard.

Things are still drab and gray and more snow wouldn't out of the question, but until very recently there was still feet of snow in front of our unit, oppressing the lilac and rhododendrons -- which look rather worse for wear.   The change is for the better.

Like everything else on this site (wallowing in triviality), this occasion has been marked here previously:  There's literally nothing new under the sun, even as the seasons change and years go by.


Summer will come... eventually.

Bee on sunflower, August 2008
It's been a very long winter, and more snow fell last night.  I may ski this afternoon -- we will see.  But I would be happier if I could put the skis away and dust off my bike.