Drink up, Vermont

With one of my neighbors in tow, I ventured forth to Greensboro to the one year anniversary of the Hill Farmstead Brewery yesterday -- I have been to previous events at this location. 

Edward / ? / Chantillion Iris (sour) / ? not my hand!
Beers of every hue and flavor profile were on tap... IPAs, sours, saisons & stouts.  I tried to avoid the selections that show up in Waterbury with any regularity.  The "Edward" pictured above was because by the end of the day the tap selection was getting a little thin...

When I initially showed up at this event, I was kind of disappointed, it was spritzing rain, there was a line to get in, and then an even longer line to get beer, and it was really crowded and kind of claustrophobic.  Things opened up as the afternoon went along however, and the space seemed to become less jam packed and the lines more manageable. 

The sodden ground and humid skies gave the event a vaguely Woodstockian feel -- some went shoeless in the mud.  Thankfully rain fell only intermittently and thunderstorms did not blow through.

NYC-based band The Del-Reys played a hot set.

Last call at about 5:50 pm:  Most of the beer was gone, and the crowd had thinned out considerably.

A small tent city for those who wanted to avoid driving home after an afternoon spent inbibing, but the ground was saturated and there were more storms on Saturday night, so I'm sure camping proved to be a damp experience.  I was judicious in what and when I had to drink so I just drove home at the end of the day through the soaked Vermont countryside.

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