Leantos in the rain

Campsites at Brighton State Park in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom
No, I do not have a strange fetish involving taking photos of vacant campsites.  I signed up to be a volunteer photographer for the Vermont State Parks system again this summer.  It's an unpaid job that will get me out of the house and comes with a day use pass good at all parks, along with some camping credit.   The state parks use the images on interactive websites.

Now, however, there just needs to be a break in the weather:  We made a special trip, with reservations, to this particular park, and the weather was typical for this year so far, which is to say, gray and wet.  Needless to say there were very few campers in evidence.

The weathergirl on the television did make some recent allusions to a summer-like weather pattern developing so perhaps some warm sunny days will come in the not too distant future.

Summers in Vermont are short -- though, with climate change, are growing longer -- and it won't be too long before the days grow shorter, leaves begin to change, and there will be an autumnal chill in the air again.

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