After the flood....the sun does shine: 2011 Vermont Mountain Bike Festival

A few images from the very successful 4th Vermont Mountain Bike Festival, held this past weekend in Waterbury, Vermont.

The festival organizers had been debating the wisdom of having a 'rain contingency plan' after the epically wet spring, but thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful summer weekend, and there even was some dust on the trails -- a first for this riding season.

The venue on Saturday morning, after many riders had already left for rides in Stowe, Waitsfield, Hinesburg, etc.

The Perry Hill trailhead was close at hand.  The Waterbury trails start with a punishingly steep doubletrack climb straight up the hill.

Higher up, the trails are narrower and cut into the grade, making for an easier (and more interesting) ride.

At the top, a group tackled some rough Vermont slickrock.  It was very dark in the woods and getting get the camera to work in the dim light proved to be a challenge.  My old, inexpensive Pentax with a slow telephoto lens was barely up to the task.

A fun time was had by all.  After spending a lot of time hanging around bicycle races -- both as a participant, and as an organizer -- this event has a very low key, mellow vibe, which I can appreciate at this point in my life.

More 2011 festival images here.  Images from 2010 (which came out better, but I wanted to try something new this year) here.

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