Dirty pictures: More Nor'Easter cyclocross race images

Images from the cyclocross race held at North Beach, Burlington on 9/24/2011 as part of the Nor'Easter festival held at various venues along the waterfront.  

Ian Field and Tom Van Den Bosch race in the late afternoon sun.
Some of these images were used in the previous post but these have more elaborate post processing so perhaps the quality on these is a little better.

Nicolas Bazin showed the strain of the heavy, muddy course.

The frentic start of the pro men's race.
The local CBS affiliate declined to send a crew to cover the event itself but did make sure to have crew talking to some very unhappy Canadians on the day after the race.

The race did tear up the turf pretty badly but I'm pretty sure that with some grass seed and hay for mulch that there won't be any sign of the race when the park opens again in 2012.  People should just chill out.

A gallery with images from the Juniors/3s, Women's, and Pro men's races can be viewed here

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