I remember when: Cyclocross at North Beach

Nice straight lines for the pit at the Nor'easter Cross at North Beach.
Speaking from experience, it helps to use a guideline when setting the stakes... 
Back in the 1990s, I lived in Burlington and raced a bike quite ineffectually, mostly on the road, but also cyclocross and mountain bike racing.

One of my autumn training grounds was North Beach in Burlington, it was a great place for cyclocross workouts, offering a mix of surfaces, run ups, and spectacular -- almost Wagnerian -- scenery:  I remember training with low clouds scudding by, in a ripping wind, waves pounding on the beach, and glimpses of the Adirondacks across the lake.

I always wondered why no one tried to promote a race at the area and then stopped riding and eventually moved to Waterbury... but this year the venue is being used for the first time for a New England Verge Series race.  I spent a few hours yesterday helping the crew from Pioneer Event Productions set up the course.

I plan on attending the races on Saturday, it will be like old times.  There will be some Euro pros in attendance -- trying to snag some early-season UCI points -- but most of the domestic elite cyclocross group will be racing in Wisconsin due to a scheduling conflict with the USGP.

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