Water, water (and mud) everywhere: Nor'Easter Cross images

Images from the Nor'Easter Cyclocross Race, September 24, held at North Beach, Burlington. It rained on the days prior to the event, soaking the ground and turning pretty much the entire course into a heavy, slippery mud bath.

UK National Champion Helen Wyman flew through the mud in the women's race.
(Ted King watching in the background.)
Laura Van Gilder spun sideways on a flat section on the first lap.
Pro mountain biker Lea Davison had an easier time than most in the mud.

Amy Dombrowski rode in second for most of the day...
Until she snagged course tape and had to complete the race on foot, winding up 8th.
Wyman had plenty of time to celebrate her victory.  
Wyman:  "Racing in mud is like custard and ice cream to me..."
Women's podium
Spray flew at the Pro men start. 
The pro men had to contend with the thickest mud of the day.
It was a struggle to ride even flat sections.
More mud.
The pits were a busy place. 
Near the end of the race, it was down to Ian Field and Tom Van Den Bosch.
Waiting and watching for a slip-up. 
Justin Lindine was top US finisher. 
At the end, Field forced a separation and won alone.
Men's podium:  Tom Van Den Bosch, Ian Field, Nicolas Bazin
More photos to come...

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