Ride of the (mostly) fallen leaves

The foliage in north-central Vermont is now mostly past peak which means that most -- though not all -- of the tourists have departed.   A fine day for a long, hilly ride on my newly-rebuilt road bike.

Bottom of Loomis Hill in Waterbury Center.
Sweet Farm Road.
Waterworks Road.  
My bike is not delicate and I don't hesitate to ride on the many dirt roads in the area. Vermont Route 100, with heavy traffic, a poor road surface, and glass and other debris is much worse to ride on compared to a relatively smooth and quiet unpaved road.

Trapp Hill Road in Stowe. 
Rt 108 riding towards Smuggler's Notch. 
Looking pretty grubby heading up into the  Notch.  

Loomis - Trapp Hill - Smugglers - home. 

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