I had avoided cell phones, smart phones and mobile technology -- until now.  My one small contribution to the untold billions spent on Black Friday was to order this device from Amazon -- a basic 4G capable Android phone for the T-mobile network.

T-mobile (at least while the company still exists in North America) has a $30/month unlimited data plan that comes without the necessity of two year contracts or 450 minutes of unwanted and expensive voice minutes per month.

When the device shows up, I intend to 'root' it (delete a host of unwanted pre-installed software), install a VOIP dialer, and use a Google Voice number over data or (when available) WiFi connections.  If this works well then my days with a landline phone may be numbered.

It will be interesting to see how this changes me -- if at all.  Perhaps constant connectivity will reinvigorate my waning interest in online oversharing and having a camera with me more often may open some new possibilities.

...or perhaps I'll just play Angry Birds instead.

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